Office of Bruce F. Donnelly

I'm Bruce F. Donnelly, and I am an urban planner. I do planning work through the Office of Bruce F. Donnelly. My main role is to assist in writing and organizing zoning and development codes and comprehensive plans. Clients have included DPZ and Placemakers, and other companies in their orbit. 

I call myself a synergist, because I work both intuitively and highly analytically, to make connections between problems and solutions. I have used relational databases, for example, in order to analyze codes and the comprehensive plans they are meant to support. Lately, I have begun using technical documentation tools to extend highly disciplined technical writing techniques into the New Urbanism. 

The writing on this website is a repository for big ideas. It is generally meant for a "good read" rather than a quick dip. While I acknowledge the phenomenon, "To Long; Didn't Read," it seems lately overwhelmed by "Too Short; Didn't Respect."

My email address is, and my phone number is 216 223 8467.